I created this blog to celebrate both stitch and surface design, and all of those one off's we create that have a story to tell.  Often that story is quite profound, other times it is whimsical.  Join me on my journey of stories that are almost stitched!

Artist Statement

My current body of work depicts the ancient prairie as it once existed, inhabited by native plants, animals and fauna, and the farms that dominate the modern horizon.
I use natural materials and processes to demonstrate the progression of the native prairie from its ancient origins to the present through color, texture and form.  Through the use of Natural Dyes, Ocher's, Earth Pigments, and rust on cloth I am able to explore the tension between the natural and the unnatural (man-made).
I am a professional mixed-media artist that specializes in surface design using natural dyes, rust, and wax.  My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the US and abroad and has been published in various books and professional journals.

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