Friday, May 29, 2015

New Directions and Almost Stitched Stories!

I will be putting up more information this week about this new adventure I am taking!

I will be offering a monthly paid subscribership (that auto renews how cool is that) for my new adventure! I think for this leg of my life I have finally found my voice (my brand even) in the land of stitched, painted, and written stories.

I came to this realization last month when I was working on my solo show and started creating vignettes of small pieces I had been working on over the years with text, painted images, and the like onto a mixed media paper (next time I'll use Illustration board it's less work) and then mounted and then framed the vignettes. 

I was worried the solo show was going to be a fail, I know both John C. Packwood and Brenda K Backman were both scratching their heads and I almost didn't hang the show, but once it was up it was one of those DAMNUMNNNNNNN moments!

And unlike natural dyeing where I always felt stiff sharing with others, this stiffness was because I was unable to convey what I was thinking and feeling without others telling me I was a cold hearted bitch, but this, this part of my life I LOVE sharing with others and it seems to flow naturally!

In fact one could say I'm overly passionate about sharing this part of my life and helping others extract their personal stories.

So in lieu of a workshop I am offering a montly membership where I will be sending out bi-monthly newsletters, with the occassional bonus newsletter with bonus content, like printable embroidery, imagery to use in your own personal art or for gifts for others, bonus instructions and bonus videos!  

All downloadables are for you to keep forever for your own personal use,  and are not for resale!  If you'd like one of my images to use in your artwork for limited resale, or for mass production, let me know I have licensing tiers I will be offering as well as higher resolution imagery that goes with those licenses!!!

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